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Our providers look at all available treatment options, including Ivermectin and Monoclonal Antibodies (only in clinic), and prescribe what works best for each patient.

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COVID Care 24/7

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, Urgent Care 24/7 has remained a leader in Covid-19 testing and treatment. Our approach to treating Covid-19 positive patients has allowed us to expand and refine our treatment protocols and give our patients options that meet their needs 24/7 across the country.

Through our innovation and persistence, we are proud to offer an Online Covid-19 Treatment Plan or Online Covid-19 Post-Exposure Preventative Treatment Plan through COVID Care 24/7!

We are currently available to treat Covid-19 positive patients or individuals exposed to Covid-19 positive patients in the select states entirely online:






North Carolina

South Carolina


As we bring on more qualified doctors and medical professionals we will be expanding our Online Covid-19 Treatment Plan

COVID Care 24/7 is a specialized telemedicine service that provides a convenient yet comprehensive and thorough approach to evaluating and treating patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Additionally, we offer preventative and post-exposure COVID-19 care as well.

We take an aggressive approach to the virus and treat our patients with everything they need to feel better quickly, avoid hospitalization and get back to their everyday lives as soon as possible.

Jerry Williams, MD

Founder of Covid Care 24/7

Get effective treatment for COVID-19 without leaving home.

Whether you are high-risk, recently exposed, COVID-19 positive, or just wanting to remain healthy, COVID Care 24/7 has a plan for you. 

Unlike most providers, COVID Care 24/7 has an extensive, effective treatment plan to manage more than just COVID-19 symptoms.

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